Sheryl Humphrey
Sun and Moon paintings
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Paintings and studies of the Sun and the Moon by artist Sheryl Humphrey. Humphrey's continuing visual exploration of the magic, mystery, and majesty of these celestial bodies and how they relate to the Earth has generated a series of works depicting the Sun and Moon in anthropomorphic guise. The series has been influenced by the "Splendor Solis" (the Splendor of the Sun), a Renaissance illuminated manuscript depicting allegories of hermetic alchemical wisdom through lunar and solar symbolism. Humphrey celebrates the glories and power of this Noble Light in highly personal yet accessible imagery of kingly Sun and queenly Moon.

The Sun


Study for 'The Moon'

The Moon

Tree of Fire

Study for 'Tree of Fire'

Moon and Sun

Study after 'Moon and Sun'

Study for 'Flowers to the Sun'

The Son of the Sun




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