Sheryl Humphrey
"The Sun," © 2005, oil on linen, 50x36 in.
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Companion piece to "The Moon." Created for the group exhibition "Crossed Destinies: A Tarot of the Artists" (catalogue available at

Keywords / tags: alchemical alchemy awe boy celestial change cheerful child children chrysanthemum coin cosmic crone cycle daisies daisy dark darkness day daylilies daylily daytime desert divided drought duality earth esoteric fantasy fiery "fine art" fire flame flaming flower garden gardener gardening giclee girl glow glowing god gold golden happy heat hot humphrey illuminated illustration light lilies lily lizard luminous majestic majesty man masculine morning "morning glories" "morning glory" mum myth mythological mythology "new age" noon noonday "old woman" orange orbit print prism radiant radiate rainbow ray rebirth reborn red sheryl "Sheryl Humphrey" shine smiling sol solar star starry summer summertime sun sunbeam sunflower sunlight sunny sunrise sunset sunshine surrealism symbol symbolic Symbolism tarot "tarot card" universe visionary yellow