Sheryl Humphrey
"The Moon," © 2005, oil on linen, 50x36 in.
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Companion piece to "The Sun." See also "Study for 'The Moon'", the small watercolor and gouache preparatory study for this painting. Created for the group exhibition "Crossed Destinies: A Tarot of the Artists" (catalogue available at

Keywords / tags: alchemical alchemy apocalypse apocalyptic baby beach belly birth blue bone breast change child cosmic creepy cycle dark darkness dead death die disturbing divided doom doomsday duality dying earth eclipse egg esoteric fantasy female feminine fetal fetus "fine art" fish fright frightening giclee girl goddess goth humphrey infant lightning luna lunar maternal maternity metamorphosis midnight moon moonbeam moonlight moonrise moonwalk mother motherhood myth mythological mythology new "new age" newborn night ocean orbit phase pregnancy pregnant print psychological rebirth reborn sand satellite scary sea sheryl "Sheryl Humphrey" ship skeleton skull sky star starry surrealism symbol symbolic Symbolism tarot "tarot card" tower turtle visionary water woman women