Sheryl Humphrey
"Dark Summer" series
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Night Chores

Into the Rain

Lemonade Days


'Summer Storm' by Sheryl Humphrey



Critics' responses to these paintings:

"Humphrey's works attempt to transcend the narrative in pursuit of the spiritual as she, in the words of her exhibition statement, tries 'to capture some of the epiphanies of everyday life.' ... Humphrey comes closest to conveying what she calls 'signposts to the intangible, the magic and the spiritual' in 'Summer Storm,' in which a woman lights a candle at a dining table while a little girl, presumably her daughter, closes a window as lightning rends the night sky.

The dog standing alert at the table, the flashlight shining off the canvas, the lace curtain billowing one last time before the window is shut -- those and other telling details converge to create a powerful sense of family apprehension and closeness...."

-- Roy Proctor, "Art and Life" column, The Richmond News Leader, January 4, 1992

"New York artist Sheryl Humphrey's paintings are dark, introspective, narrative and mystical. ... [Her] large paintings take as subjects some special-but-common events in human affairs. Her 'Summer Storm,' showing the lighting of a candle after the electricity has gone out, is a bull's-eye hit...."

-- Phillip Frisbee, "A Threesome at Artspace," Style Weekly, Richmond, Virginia. January 21, 1992